Strategy Call with Edward Beck

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  • 15 minute 1-on-1 phone call with Edward Beck
  • Key insights into building your investing career
  • How to get started  – OR – how to expand your bases and build your empire
  • Advice for making offers on-the-spot
  • How to properly deal with motivated sellers


  • Valuable insight from an experienced investor
  • Years of experience and trial & error summed up in 15 mins
  • The opportunity to ASK questions and get REAL ANSWERS
  • 1-on-1 time to pick an expert’s brain
  • Follow up and further learning opportunities
  • Wisdom and guidance on ethical business principals

About Edward Beck

Edward Beck is a successful real estate investor and owner of Quick Sell Buyers – a faith based real estate investment company in El Paso, TX.

He has over 12 years of experience and is a second generation cash-based investor who has learned a lot about what and what not to do over the years. He believes in the ability of anyone to begin a successful career in real estate investing and wants to help others by sharing what he’s learned so they can have the success he’s had without all of the trail & error.

Whether you are already in the business or looking to get into it, Edward can help guide you in getting started or turbo charging your investments to create a lasting legacy.

During your strategy session call with Edward, he will share his knowledge with you and give you the opportunity to pick his brain and ask questions that you will get REAL answers to!


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About Godspeed Investors

Godspeed is the premier, faith-based real estate education system in the nation. Founded in 2017, Godspeed Realty Workshops have been built on the experience and expertise of Mr. Edward Beck. With over a decade experience in the real estate arena as the owner and operator of Quick Sell Buyers, LLC. in El Paso, Texas, Edward aims to supply real, practical and faith-based tools and lessons to empower and advance individuals and companies who are on their way to flourishing real estate investor businesses.

Godspeed is a three-part course that offers a combination of ideas, resources and experiences to help our clients dispel the misconceptions of the real estate profession. This program is for anyone, at any point in their real estate business journey. Beginners and veterans alike will grow and become empowered.

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