Speed of Sound

In this first portion of Edward Beck’s Godspeed Program, you will walk through the nuts and bolts of the real estate business. Expert Real Estate Investor, Edward Beck will take the time to explain how things work, why you should make certain moves and the benefits of making them. As you move forward with your real estate business, these crucial tips and tools will get your business off the ground and help to establish the firm foundation necessary for business growth.

Speed of Light

The second piece of the three-part Godspeed Program is the Speed of Light. In this portion of the program, Edward begins to expand on the practical business advice that was covered in the Speed of Sound and begins to explain how to interweave those foundational truths with your real life. As many of us know, or as you will come to find, developing a successful business will demand your time and attention. In Speed of Light, Edward dives into strategies to keep the important things in life in focus and will teach you how to marry industry success with a healthy home, spiritual and relational success.

GodSpeed Value Bundle Pack

As part of this special promotional offer, you get access to both the Speed of Sound and Speed of Light Courses. You will also receive access to our private Facebook Group, access to our QuickSell App and an INSTANT download of Edward Beck’s bestselling book Get Rich But Not Quick.