Edward Beck and Family

Godspeed is the premier, faith-based real estate education system in the nation. Founded in 2017, Godspeed Realty Workshops have been built on the experience and expertise of Mr. Edward Beck. With over a decade experience in the real estate arena as the owner and operator of Quick Sell Buyers, LLC. in El Paso, Texas, Edward aims to supply real, practical and faith-based tools and lessons to empower and advance individuals and companies who are on their way to flourishing real estate investor businesses.

The heart of Godspeed is actually quite simple. Teach individuals how to excel in the realm of real estate while maintaining a firm grasp on their Christianity. Edward Beck started Quick Sell Buyers, LLC in 2005 and watched it grow quickly through hands on application of biblical principles and Christian business ethics. While growing the company, Edward took note of the lack of compassion and concern for client well-being and lack of empathy in the profession. As a result, God put the dream of starting Godspeed in his heart.

Godspeed is a three-part course that offers a combination of ideas, resources and experiences to help our clients dispel the misconceptions of the real estate profession. The goal is to become the leading educational system that specializes in arming every enrollee with the necessary tools to join the movement of successful business people who refuse to sacrifice integrity for a quick dollar. This program is for anyone, at any point in their real estate business journey. Beginners and veterans alike will grow and become empowered as they watch God prosper everything they put their hands to do.